The team currently consists of 6 architects, urbanists, researchers and communicators, who came together at the beginning of 2022 to find approaches across borders, disciplines and backgrounds to address the European housing crisis. They are seeking to build new connections across Europe whilst asynchronously collaborating between Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Graz, London, Vienna, and Zurich. is a framework for exchanging knowledge and negotiating the spatial discourse all over Europe and beyond. What is your context? House’ it going for you? 

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Current Team

Julius Grambow → E-Mail → Website
Angelika Hinterbrandner → E-Mail → Website
Rebekka Hirschberg → E-Mail → Website
Jonas Illigmann → E-Mail → Website
Martin Röck → E-Mail → Website
Jomo Ruderer → E-Mail → Website → E-Mail → Homepage


Together we work on the following topics:

Processes of European policy-making and legislation in Housing and Architecture, Financialization of Housing, Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, Circular Economy, Tax Justice, Macro-Economic Logics of the Built Environment, Legislative Aspects of Housing, Large Scale Relations and Complexities of Climate, Communication, and Activism, Regenerative Spaces and Communities,
Circularity and Bio-based Design Strategies, Life Cycle Assessment and Whole Life Carbon, Research at the Science to Policy Interface, Geopolitics of Ecology, Planetary Power Relations, Financialisation of Commons, Non-hegemonic Spatial Development, Land Grabbing, Housing Architecture, Ownership Models, Cooperatives, Urban Planning, Planning Processes, Collective Work, Future-oriented planning